Sir we have already worked that out and its going to be simple. As the student likes it and he writes to you, you would get a message on your page.

Sir, you see it as expenditure but most would term it as investment. This will be the best investment for you till date for your class which would fetch you the best returns till date. This is a minute amount for the advantages you are getting. Think of the possible avenues you can have being with us.

The foremost thing is you get the entire crowd to know about you. Even those whom it would be tough for you to reach can know see you and look for you and can come to you, they would know you better and now you are easily contactable. You will have the space to communicate with them and not only one sided. That would be two sided. I mean they can write to you and you can respond. Your toppers can present their views and reviews and you can have word of mouth promotion online.

 It is future Sir, It is like when mobile came in people said they don’t need it and same they told about computers and same about every technology which came in from nowhere. They didn’t have the slightest of idea what changes it can have in their lives. It is all about technology and about the edge you can have in terms of your business. You can move far ahead of others if you have this. This is a stage, a platform where you can directly communicate with your market audience. You get a brand name if you are with us. The market is going mobile today and they are not going to wait for anyone or anything. What is one thing that is used most today, more than anything. Answer is clear, we both know it. Mobile phone - this little thing has changed it all for people and it would change it for you as well. If you and me don’t go virtual today we would find ourselves on a platform where the train has left us and now if we catch the next train our competitors have gained a good advantage just because of our delayed decision, because this is future, and we both know it.


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